Firefox vs. Chrome

The newer versions of Mozilla Firefox (currently 7.0.1) seem to be deteriorating (under Windows 7). It becomes unresponsive more and more often, even with relatively few tabs. And it seems that other people complain as well, and that Firefox is gradually getting more broken.

So I've tried Chrome again (I did not like it when I tried it quite a while ago), and it seems to be much better and faster now. It also has equivalents of the two add-ons I like and depend on: TooManyTabs (the same name and maker as for Firefox, although the interface is quite different), and ToCyrillic (instead of RussKey for Firefox).

So it looks like I am migrating. It seems that many others are migrating to Chrome as well, mostly from Explorer, but also from Firefox:


Прочитал вчера Бориса Стругацкого, "Бессильные мира сего", там есть довольно неположительный герой, Гриша-Ядозуб.

Сегодня гуляю по аризонским горам и вижу... настоящего ядозуба! Раньше я их видел только в неволе -- а тут он был прямо на тропинке, очень близко, уполз неохотно. Да ещё и оказалось, что он -- Шломо! (Почему их называют Gila -- известно, а вот почему Shlomo -- я не знаю.) -- Ядозуб подозрительный!